VBSS System

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  • Maritime Tactical Flotation Vest (Releasable) (QTY1)
  • LVL III Neutrally Buoyant Plates (QTY3)
  • VBSS Accessory System (QTY1)
  • VBSS Flash Light
  • Medical Pouch Loaded (QTY1)
  • TQ Pouch (QTY1)
  • Radio Pouch (QTY1)
  • Dual Pistol Mag Pouch(Qty1)
  • VBSS Maritime Helmet (QTY1)
  • Ancillary Package (QTY1)
  • Kit Bag (QTY1)
Available in 4 sizes, Olive Drab and Black only
  • Small Part #: LBT-VBSS-SYS-SM
    Small Vest, 8x10 Plates, and Small Helmet
  • Medium Part #: LBT-VBSS-SYS-M
    Medium Vest, 10x12 Plates, and Medium Helmet
  • Large Part #: LBT-VBSS-SYS-L
    Large Vest, 10x12 Plates, and Large Helmet
  • X-Large Part #: LBT-VBSS-SYS-XL
    XL Vest, 10x12 Plates, and XL Helmet