Load Bearing Chest Vest w/ Zipper

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Vest, Chest, Magazine Pockets (4/M16-2 or 4/M14-1), Flap With Hook & Loop Closure), Zipper In Middle of Vest, Radio Pockets (2X, 1" Web/Side-Release Adjustable Closure), NVG/Battery Pockets (2X, Front Of Radio Pockets, Flap With Hook & Loop Closure), Utility Pockets (3X, Front Of Magazine Pocket, 1" Web With Hook & Loop Closure), Utility Pockets (2X, Outside Wall Of NVG/Battery Pockets Between Pocket And Magazine Pocket, 3/4" Web With Side-Release Adjustable Closure), Rear Map Pockets with Hook & Loop Closure Contains A Concealed Holster, Shoulder Straps (Side-Release Front/Back Adjustable, Rear Shoulder Strap Horizontal Adjustable Hook & Loop, Padded, Antenna Wire Guide/Hydration Bladder Hose Each Side Hook & Loop Closure), Waist Strap (1" Web With Side-Release Each Side Adjustable)