RFM Elastics

LBT has been notified by some customers that our initial mask design is fitting too tightly; we want to correct any issues you are experiencing as fast as possible. 

We will send out a set of new elastic straps upon request; these straps can be rerun through the open channels, then tied around your head or ears based on preference.

LBT’s reusable face mask design is meant to fit snug to your face. We feel a snug fit offers a stronger barrier compared to the loose fitting masks that are currently on the market. However, we understand that with hours of continual wear such a snug fit may not be ideal for all users.

Please do note that the current elastic will naturally stretch out with time and use, and will also stretch after a few washes, which is why the initial fit should feel snug.

If  you would like the elastic add-ons please reply to this email with your shipping address.

We value your business, and want to correct any issues with your mask as quickly as possible.

Thank you!

Team LBT 

**Instructions For Replacing Elastics Here**